10 June 2012


This blog post has totally morphed...they do that, don't they? It was going to be about my very poor blogging of late. And it is. Kind of. But I realized while typing that my potential solution (scheduling a set amount of blogging time every second night) is yet another way of breaking my day down into set periods of time. I'm obsessed about getting things done. So I schedule everything. For instance, when I woke up this morning I lay in bed working out the order in which I would complete various chores today. Today is Sunday!

Where has all this introspection come from? I'm currently reading (and raving about if you follow me on GoodReads) Rolf & Ranger's Falls Chance Ranch. More about the book itself in another post (because to write about the book I need to explain the subgenre it falls into, and how I feel about it, which will lead me to a series I glomed with abandon last month [in other words a whole other post]), but one of the characters... Let's just say that this character and I share many character traits, one of which is obsessing. Another is perfectionism. Reading about his struggles to find a healthy balance has made me look at myself a little more closely. If I'm doing then I'm not thinking, so the more I do the less I have to think. About anything and everything. But living that way is not sustainable and it's not healthy, just like Dale found. So...something to talk about with the unnamed expert this week.

None of which really explains my lack of blogging. I could blame it on my low iron levels - and the ensuing lethargy and poor concentration and memory - but those are back to normal (and yes I'm keeping an eye on them). I could blame it on the weather - if I heat the 'office', where my computer resides, I don't heat the bedroom end of the house. So on cold nights I have fallen into the habit of not turning the computer on. And then there is my blogging obsession. Have I checked everyone's blogs? Have I commented? Sometimes the thought of turning the computer on fills me with dread as I don't ever seem to be able to catch up with all the new blog posts. Moderation I hear you ask? Something else I need to talk to the unnamed expert about :)

So, in the interim, this is me promising to try and blog more, visit more. Because I want to. I miss you all and love knowing what you're up to. But I think I need to learn how to be realistic about blogging. How to find a happy medium.

So, how do you balance RL and blogging? Or don't you?


  1. I finished the first book and thought you would so connect with Dale. It's really an excellent book. I've started the second... Thanks for the recommendation. I've also joined the Yahoo! group, so new updates I shall get :)

    There's no such thing as balance for me. I just do what I want, when I remember and have the time. I have "goals" but no timetable, as long as it gets done I'm good. Those things that do have a date for whatever reason get pushed up the priority list, otherwise it will hold.

    I've really taken the last few months to give some structure to what I do for my family. If I can help I will, if I can't or don't want to, don't. It's tiring trying to keep up with them and mentally draining... so I'm done with that. They get to be selfish, well, so do I.

  2. Hmm. Maybe you need to bring your computer out to the kitchen table for the winter. Shake things up a LOT. :D

    Oh, dear, planning and scheduling your weekend sounds... stressful to me. I like lounging in bed until I feel like getting up (which really isn't that late, since it's so light in the early mornings now), having breakfast, catching up on email or not, maybe reading a bit or not, and from there just having the day unfold.

    Have you read any books about mindfulness, about being present in the moment? I know that's something Kris has been working on - maybe you would find it helpful, too?

  3. I'm sure you're perfect the way you are. :) And try the mark all as read button--works ever time. ;)

  4. Mariana - I so connected with Dale it isn't funny :) And it is such an excellent book! So glad you enjoyed it. I have almost finished the second and then it's on to the third - I just can't stop! Great attitude BTW WRT goals. And congrats on the structure WRT the family. Being selfish...isn't necessarily a bad thing. Sometimes it's a good thing. A necessary thing. And if family are your trigger (like they are mine) then it's good to step away. I ended up Little Miss Fix-It by default, but it doesn't mean I always have to be that way! Nor do you. *hugs*

    Chris - I do. It's all the unplugging. Will have to think about it :) And WRT planning and scheduling my...everything. Yes, it is stressful. I think that's why I loved this book so much. All of that gets taken right out of Dale's hands. He just has to be in the here and now, something I find very difficult. If the ranch existed, I'd be there. My problem is all I see are chores. And WRT mindfulnes books...not a bad idea at all. I will have to ask her for suggestions - thank you :)

    heidenkind - thank you :) The problem is that I see myself as imperfect and a failure. Working on that :) Ohhh, the all read button - I like! LOL!