15 July 2012

Hunting The Snark

According to the Oxford English Dictionary:

Snark  • noun An imaginary animal (used typically with reference to a task or goal that is elusive or impossible to achieve): pinning down the middle classes is like the hunting of the snark. Origin: 1876: nonsense word coined by Lewis Carroll in The Hunting of the Snark.

However, just to confuse matters, for the duration of this post, the above definition bears no relation to my utilization of the word :)

Earlier this month I picked up JR Ward's Lover Reborn from the library. And looked at it. And looked at it. And then looked at it some more. Finally I picked it up, only to read the first page, mutter 'I can't do this' and put it down. Up until Lover Reborn, I've read all the books in the Black Dagger Brotherhood series in spite of my growing dissatisfaction with the author's writing style. TBH I was really only reading Lover Reborn for two reasons: 1) for any scenes with Qhuinn and/or Blay (as a set up to Lover At Last) because they are my two favourite characters; and 2) because I wanted to snark about all the things in the series that drive me nuts (e.g. the obvious product placement and the inability of the characters to use actual words when speaking [because they would much rather use slang, and who just doesn't love reading about pieholes?]). So to all intents and purposes I was going snark hunting! Although, let's be honest, I couldn't pick an easier hunting target because the slang and product placement are not hard to find in this series. And no, it's not a good idea to pick up a book when you know it's going to annoy you and you're going to rant about it. It's not fair to the author. But I liked ranting about it. Yes, past tense. Because the thought of wading through 572 pages, even snark hunting, didn't fill me with joy. And I had just discovered the Falls Chance Ranch series and...so (desperately) wanted to go read that. So in the end I just leafed through the book and read the Qhuay scenes, although it took me a further 2 weeks to do that. I know, a pitiful Team Qhuay supporter I am! Yes I want to read Lover At Last. In fact, I just placed a library hold on it, but I'm...worried about whether I will start and/or finish it.

So, have you reached a point in a series where you just can't go on, even though you liked the premise, the initial books and still like the characters?


  1. LOL..leafed through for the Qhuay parts. yes. Good plan!

    Hmmm...this happened to me with Darkhunter series by Kenyon. I like it, just....I need a break.

  2. Strangely, I just saw a show that was all about Hunting the Snark. I might have to read that book now. Maybe. :)

    I have fallen out with a good number of series. Like the Anita Blake books, or even Wicked Lovely. There's a fine line between aware that the quality of the books you love has gone down, but they're still enjoyable; or just being annoying by them.

  3. Hmm. The OED's a bit behind the times on that one. ;)

    Oh yes. I've definitely given up on more than one series. That Kim Harrison UF series because she killed off my favorite character. The -fever series by Karen Marie Moning because of all the stupid cliffhangers. Anything by Laurell K Hamilton because her ego took over the books. Etc. :)

  4. Yes--and Ward's series is a prime example.

    And yet *sigh* I am still reading the series--and having to control myself not to toss the book across the room every time an 800 year old vampire starts with the "feel me, bro?" bull...

    It took me a while to wean myself of Christine Feehan's Carpathians, but I did it. With any luck, I'll be BDB free sometime this decade.

    Please, lord.

  5. @Mandi - YAH! Was worried about tar and feathers :) And I've never read the Darkhunter series. The sheer number of books has put me off :(

    @Tasha - I was watching bits on YouTube :)

    There's a fine line between aware that the quality of the books you love has gone down, but they're still enjoyable; or just being annoying by them.


    @Chris - LOL! Killing off a favourite character? That's just plain evil! (And I'm being deadly series :) And I won't do near the Fever series because of those cliff-hangers!

    azteclady - you are? You have more patience that me. I am going to read the next one though, but woe betide if Qhuinn & Blay's onscreen time is taken up with 'others'!

    *crossing fingers for you*