19 August 2012


I love this song by Australian singer Missy Higgins - the chorus gives me goosebumps! I was hoping to embed it in this post, but there is obviously a user to keyboard issue so I apologise for just the link :)

So, what song lately has given you goosebumps?

16 August 2012

Post-Olymp​ic Blues

Hands up who has them?

*raises hand*

*raises other hand*

I’ve spent the past 2 weeks watching the 2012 Summer Olympic Games. Literally. No fitting events in around work – yes, I am one of those people who schedules their annual leave around the Olympics *grin* I’ve watched the diving, the gymnastics and the swimming (my favourite events). I’ve caught (not literally :) some of the archery (which I discovered quite by accident while watching the 2008 Summer Olympic Games), a fair chunk of the athletics, the equestrian, the rowing (which I must confess we rock at!) [sorry, but a shout-out to New Zealand regarding our rowing prowess (and I don’t think I’m amiss at using that particular word :) was definitely on the cards] and…oh…just about everything in between. Well, not everything obviously. But a LOT! And of course the opening and closing ceremonies, which I thought were brilliant. Great Britain should take a huge bow! I’ve cheered for New Zealand, Australia, Great Britain…the runner in the men’s marathon who ran as an independent...pretty much everyone!

And now it’s over and done with. And life seems curiously empty without multi-sport events :)However, all is not lost. The 2014 Winter Olympics and the 2014 Commonwealth Games are…just around the corner :)

So, did you watch the Summer Olympics while it was on and, if so, what are your thoughts?

09 August 2012


I've come to the conclusion that discussing the supposedly relaxing hobby that is reading online has become something of a minefield of late.

There is the minefield that is online copyright. Once upon a time I would probably have included a minefield-like image somewhere in this post for your delectation, but I honestly don't even want to go there until I get my head around the do's and don'ts...

And then there is the minefield of online behaviour... Do I ignore author online behaviour entirely? Decide that there is a line and if an author crosses said line then their books are no longer included on my TBR list? And where is that line? It is too aggressive marketing? Is it aggressively defending one's book from reviewers? (Is it naive of an author to think that everyone who reads their book will be happy with it?) And the opposite side of that coin is reader/reviewer behaviour...where is our line? Should we not rate a book without explaining our rating? And what should go into a review? Do we only talk about the book? All of which leads to the discussion at GoodReads on the GoodReads Review and Author Guidelines. And what exactly is a 'quality' review?

For me, I try and explain in my reviews (if one can call them that) what did and/or didn't work for me. But sometimes I just don't have the time and there is no review. (I'm wondering if maybe in those cases I shouldn't rate a book at all?) The bottom line is I try not to say anything that I wouldn't say in person... As for authors and other reviewers, I don't like attacks. But then that's coming from someone who doesn't like confrontation full stop.

It all makes my head hurt. Is anyone else confused working out what's what and where the line is, or it is just me?

03 August 2012

Books 2012: July Update

Total: 61 books (four books in June: m/m [four books])

The 2012 M/M Romance Challenge total: 54 books (four books in June)

The The 2012 Support Your Local Library Challenge total: 4 books

A list of all the books I've read to date (from 01 January 2010) can be found at GoodReads.

Favourite book in June?

* Silver Bullet (Rolf & Ranger) [Note: this book is still incomplete, but I just had to read it anyway - I have no willpower when it comes to this series]

Currently (re-)reading:

* Criss Cross (Jordan Castillo Price)

And the books I'm most looking forward to reading in August?
* Home Work (Kaje Harper)
* Stars & Stripes (Abigail Roux)
* Tigers & Devils (Sean Kennedy)
So, what did you read last month?