16 August 2012

Post-Olymp​ic Blues

Hands up who has them?

*raises hand*

*raises other hand*

I’ve spent the past 2 weeks watching the 2012 Summer Olympic Games. Literally. No fitting events in around work – yes, I am one of those people who schedules their annual leave around the Olympics *grin* I’ve watched the diving, the gymnastics and the swimming (my favourite events). I’ve caught (not literally :) some of the archery (which I discovered quite by accident while watching the 2008 Summer Olympic Games), a fair chunk of the athletics, the equestrian, the rowing (which I must confess we rock at!) [sorry, but a shout-out to New Zealand regarding our rowing prowess (and I don’t think I’m amiss at using that particular word :) was definitely on the cards] and…oh…just about everything in between. Well, not everything obviously. But a LOT! And of course the opening and closing ceremonies, which I thought were brilliant. Great Britain should take a huge bow! I’ve cheered for New Zealand, Australia, Great Britain…the runner in the men’s marathon who ran as an independent...pretty much everyone!

And now it’s over and done with. And life seems curiously empty without multi-sport events :)However, all is not lost. The 2014 Winter Olympics and the 2014 Commonwealth Games are…just around the corner :)

So, did you watch the Summer Olympics while it was on and, if so, what are your thoughts?


  1. I do! *raises hand*
    Dreaming of going to Sochi ..

    Interesting about the independent marathon runner. I had no idea.

  2. Also, I wish they never changed that Olympic rule about professional athletes being permitted to compete in the games. I think the games would be much more exciting and evenly-keeled between countries if professionals were NOT permitted to play. Especially in big team sports like basketball, football, etc..

  3. I did watch the Olympics, but I don't get into the summer ones a lot. I'm more of a winter sports person I guess.

    I agree with Christine that having professionals play is LAME. I liked it better with only amateurs.

  4. I didn't watch any of the Olympics, so my life is strangely unchanged. :)

  5. Christine - I need to hand my Olympic fan card back as I had to Google Stoci :( I was re-watching the Opening Ceremony with my best friend (I recorded it for her) on Saturday and there were three independent athletes. I never knew either, but I think it's great! Oh, and SO with you on the professional athletes. Basketball definitely. With football the players all have to be under 23 years of age apart from two, so I wasn't sure how professional they were. Can I add tennis? Oh, and golf, which is appearing at Rio. And...even though we are very good at it, rugby sevens, which will also be at Rio. Brilliant to watch, but they are all professionals!

    Tasha - I love watching figure skating and the downhill at the Winter Olympics :) And see my above comment on professional athletes.

    Chris - *jaw drops* You didn't? WOW! *grin*