22 September 2012


I should probably be posting the video of Icehouse's My Obsession, but...I'm trying not to be too predictable. Ahhh, who am I kidding, I am so predictable!

Yes, I am still alive. More about that later, but I wanted to introduce you to my latest obsession:

Teen Wolf

My best friend lent me Season 1. I'm hooked. Particularly on two of the characters, who are being shipped to within an inch of their characters' lives online ATM. Yes, Sterek (as in Stiles & Derek). And so I give you Exhibit A:

I rest my case *evil grin*

So in the interests of preserving what is left of my sanity I will be purchasing Season 1 for myself - 'cause I can't hang on to my best friend's forever - and pre-ordering Season 2. Thank you Amazon! And then trying to work out how I can persuade MTV that little old New Zealand really, really, really needs to see Season 3.

So, what is your current obsession?


  1. ooohhh nice :)
    I think I'm all hot and bothered now!

  2. CSI Miami - currently watching season 6 on DVD!

  3. Hm, I never caught the sexual tension between Stiles and Derek for some reason. ;) Although Stiles is natch my favorite character on the show.

  4. I confess my utter ignorance of this show (then again, I don't own a tv so...) while rejoicing that you are still around.

    Have missed you, orannia *hug*

  5. *gulp*

    I don't really watch tv. I find something I like and then forget to watch it for a couple of weeks and then just lose interest. I just don't set aside time to watch anything.

    I second azteclady! Good to see a post from you! xo

  6. @Iv - that was pretty much my response :)

    @ShellBell - I must confess to not watching any of the CSI franchises any more...although the cop in CSI NY was quite nice *grin*

    @Tasha - well...I didn't either while watching Season 1. It's more that they have great onscreen chemistry and I think the fandom have just taken that chemistry and run with it. And IMHO as the video shows...the extrapolation works :)

  7. @azteclady - I've missed you all too! *hugs*

    @Christine - LOL! I get very behind with most TV series and then end up realizing I don't care about the outcome and dropping them. This one though obviously hit me at the right level *grin* And I'll try and be back a little more... I'm very useless ATM!