24 January 2013

Snap Poll

Edited to add: I've gone with Color of Grace as I own it, but first some Sterek fanfic snuck in...quel surprise!

So....I'm almost at the end of my library book, which at 598 pages totally qualifies for The Big Book Challenge (except that it's not the book I said I'd read for the challenge - I'm so my own worst enemy :) Anyway, before I dive headlong into the next In Death book (where I'm hoping Roarke stops being Mr Perfect and actually isn't good at something - hey, dreams are free :) I'm going to sneak in an eBook...more about that later :)

Anyway....I can so rabbit trail...I've narrowed my next book down to two books ('cause the rest ain't published yet *grin*):

* Color of Grace (AM Arthur) [I keep wanting to put a 'u' in the title!]

* Too Stupid To Live (Anne Tenino)

So, which book should I read...


  1. I've heard Color of Grace is good...I'm starting Too Stupid to Live this week though....

  2. LOL, and I thought I could help you. Instead you've put another book on my tbr list ;P I just finished TSTL, definitely read it, it's very sweet and enjoyable. Color of Grace sounds like it has a great premise and I want to read it. I'm no help at all.

  3. <--clueless

    Re: Roarke: well, there was the grill...

  4. I liked TSTL but I haven't read Color of Grace - but I have the first book in that series. I can't help you choose which book to read next but you can help me if you read CoG and let me know how it is. lol

  5. I don't know anything about either but I'm going to vote Too Stupid To Live just to even it out. :)

  6. @Mandi - I look forward to your thoughts :)

    @Lisa - LOL!

    @azteclady - *grin* That's OK. It's hard to answer a book question when you don't know the books. As for Roarke...IDK...I just want him to not be the best all the time. He's like Mr Perfect. And I'm sure he oversteps the mark WRT his involvement in Eve's cases!

    @Tracy - Cost of Repairs is great - what can I say, it has a renovation trope :)

    @Chris - good idea :)

    @Tasha - thank you :)