28 February 2013

The Bear Essentials

Before you all get up in arms about my utilization of the word 'Bear' in the title of this post, there is method to my madness (isn't there always :) I was going to post an 80s song for your delectation, but the advertisement before the song caught my eye. You see, the national carrier, Air New Zealand, has been creating some rather interesting safety videos...probably in an effort to get people to actually think about aircraft safety. There has been the Richard Simmons safety video, The Hobbit safety video...and now Bear Grylls...

And in case you're wondering, the rather large bird is a moa...they're (supposedly) extinct...

19 February 2013

Random Thoughts

Last year the lovely Cyphomandra, who I am lucky to call a good friend, wrote a novella for Yuletide called Somehow. It is based on The Bagman's Gambit by The Decemberists. I finished it this morning and...oh it's good. I loved the characters and the plot twists...and if you feel like reading something different I would definitely recommend it! (FYI - Cyphomandra recommended that I listen to the song first - I read the lyrics *grin* - and it definitely helped set the scene!)
I'm curious - how do you track books...not the ones that you haven’t read yet (GoodReads helps with that :), but the books you’ve bought but haven’t read yet? Cyphomandra and I caught up on the weekend and started discussing this subject...I've decided to add an 'Unread' category to Stanza, which still works with the iPhone 6.1 update - YAH!
Which leads me to...Marvin. I'm guessing not many of you read on your iPhone/iPad, but over the weekend I discovered a new ePub app for the iPad - Marvin! There is no iPhone app...yet...but it looks like it might be a suitable (in my eyes :) replacement for Stanza! *fingers crossed* No idea if there is to be an Android option, but the developer appears to be open to suggestions on the forum I read about it on :)
Yesterday I finished reading Ilona Andrews' Gunmetal Magic. I adore that there is a gay character in the Kate Daniels series. And I love how seamlessly he appears and how seamlessly his orientation is accepted by the other characters. I guess what I’m trying to say is that I like how various authors are…so open and inclusive (apologies - I'm having problems articulating this point). And I must say, I love Barbaras! And I want more of him. I also want more Derek. Obviously now I get to drool over Derek two-fold – in this series and in the Teen Wolf TV show. Which has me thinking of Stiles...
I can’t go a post without mentioning Sterek now, can I?
And finally...I think I’m going to reduce my GR challenge target to 75 books. I’m already, according to the ‘schedule’ six books behind….and since I’ll likely be reading more Sterek fanfic that won’t change…and I’d rather not put more pressure on myself to catch up… No thinking, I've done it! My GoodReads 2013 Reading Challenge total is now 75 books...which means I'm three books behind schedule... *heads desk*
So, what random things have you discovered this week?

12 February 2013

To Edit Or Not To Edit

That is the question. Well...kind of. See, I just finished reading a book. An eBook to be precise. (Unless you avoid me like the plague *grin* you probably have a fair idea as to which book I'm referring to...but in the interests of fairness I won't mention it by name. And for the purposes of this post it doesn't matter - this is one of those generic posts :) Anyway, this book had me asking myself that very question almost the whole way through. I'm sure the book was edited...but just not in the manner to which I have become accustomed...

There were misspelt words - 'a heard of alpacas' was my personal favourite - and missing words (although I've come to realize that it must be a North American trait to say 'a couple days' rather than 'a couple of days', so I'm not counting that :) and extra words. Not everywhere, but there were far more examples than I would usually expect from any published book. And it was very distracting. Because I found myself correcting the editing in my head rather than just enjoying the story.

So, I'm curious, what are your thoughts on editing issues? Do they drive you nuts or do you just ignore them? And...if you rate your books at GoodReads or LibraryThing or another similar site, do you grade down a book for editing issues? In the case above I didn't.

07 February 2013


...I love the Falls Chance Ranch series...beyond description, I just had to post the following. Apologies if you watched the Super Bowl and have already seen it. I must confess, it made me cry...

Edited to add: It still makes me cry! Oh, and the foal has a name now (more brilliant work from the advertiser) - Hope!

05 February 2013

Books 2013: January Update

Total: five books (five books in January: fantasy [one book]; m/m [four books])

The 2013 M/M Romance Challenge total: four books (four books in January)

A list of all the books I've read to date (from 01 January 2010) can be found at GoodReads.
Favourite books in January?

* Color of Grace (AM Arthur)

Currently reading: Laying Ghosts (James Buchanan)

And the books I'm most looking forward to reading this month?

* Dirty Laundry (Heidi Cullinan)

* Too Stupid to Live (Anne Tenino)

* And more Sterek fanfic!

So, what did you read last month?

03 February 2013

Quitting A Series

So earlier this week I started reading New York to Dallas (JD Robb), book *checks* 33 *faints* in the In Death series. This was my first GoodReads status update about it:
I have a feeling this is a make or break book for me. I want to see some growth in the characters...well, except for Roarke...since the only thing he can't seem to do it BBQ, I'd like him to devolve :)
And this was my second:
Any of you who love this series with a passion should probably ignore my status updates while I read this book as I'm going to be snarky. Seriously...why does the villain always seem to have some personal beef with Eve? It reminds me of the main character in CSI Miami...
So...not the best start...

As I alluded to in my first status update, I wanted to experience some growth in the two main characters - Eve and Roarke. Because for a while now they have felt (to me) frozen. What I mean is, there doesn't seem to be a book where Eve doesn't rant about paperwork...or about Summerset...or doesn't make a gibe about Roarke buying countries or planets...or try and hide from the hair stylist...or Roarke doesn't try and interfere with Eve's case...which always ends up being personal... And Roarke always seem to be capable of absolutely everything - he's a multi-billionaire who is also a computer whiz (he seems to be able to hack and/or trace anything), a brilliant thief, seems to own every building Eve needs to enter, oh, and did I mention he's tall, dark and handsome? The only thing he can't seem to do (ATM) is BBQ...I have no doubt he will be able to do that at some point in the near future.

Because I borrowed the book from the library I kind of felt obligated to read it and...obligated to continue with the series since I've invested so much time in it. And that's the crux of the matter. I wanted to keep reading so that eventually I will know how the series ends. But last night as I was standing in the shower (I seem to do all my great thinking in the shower - it's one of the few places I sort of slightly relax) I suddenly wondered why I was reading it... I would just end up going through all of the above 'repeats' and then Eve would get the bad guy, and then it would end. Where's the enjoyment? Because as this book was mostly set in Dallas (versus New York), I didn't get to spend time with my favourite (secondary) characters...who do seem to grow, although TBH does everyone have to get paired off? And I was glancing at my iPhone (post-shower now :) where a new Sterek fanfic was sitting I thought 'It's not worth it'. So I hearby officially quit the In Death series. And BTW the new Sterek fanfic is fantastically good - I'm so enjoying it - and I have a lot of great m/m books queued up to read next :)

So, I'm curious...what was the last series you quit and why?