07 February 2013


...I love the Falls Chance Ranch series...beyond description, I just had to post the following. Apologies if you watched the Super Bowl and have already seen it. I must confess, it made me cry...

Edited to add: It still makes me cry! Oh, and the foal has a name now (more brilliant work from the advertiser) - Hope!


  1. This totally made me cry too!!!

    (and I have that series on my tbr...need to get to it!)

  2. I don't know about the series--but this ad makes me teary each time I watch it.

  3. Oh Lordy I didn't watch the Superbowl and hadn't seen that. Wow - that totally made me cry...and smile. Thank you.

  4. First time watching it was just now.. I cried. No surprise there. ; )

    VERY sweet.

  5. I also got teary-eyed watching this.

  6. I loved that commercial... made me tear up.

  7. @Mandi - it's a great series IMHO, so I can't wait for your thoughts :)

    @azteclady - me too! Maybe next time I won't cry...unlikely! And I wrote a review of the first series - link now included in my post :)

    @Tracy - we didn't get the ads here, but it was posted on a Falls Chance Ranch group I frequent :)

    @Christine - it's so sweet. I love the Budweizer guy you just catch in the ad running after the horse.

    @Tasha - they made a very emotive ad :)

    @Mariana - I love it too :)

  8. Awww. I teared up as well. (it did not, however, make me want a beer :-) )

    1. Nope, no desire for a beer here either, but since I don't drink I somehow think I'm not the target audience :) Just watched it again and I teared up again!