02 April 2013

The Earth Isn't Flat

No sirree it's not. Which means I haven't fallen over the edge. I've just been...not online so much of late. March was a....messy month. And by messy I mean I just seemed to spend a lot of time attempting to make my 'to do' list smaller and getting to the end of the month and looking back and not really feeling like I had got anywhere. Story of my life.

But...it's April, so I figured I could start over :) So, here's me, hoping to be online a bit more this month than I was last month. 'Cause, it's not like I can use the falling off the edge of world excuse :)

So, what have you been up to in the last month?


  1. ((orannia))

    Mostly, what you've been doing--but since my reading has been...well, let's say there's a lot of re-reading,since nothing new has grabbed me much. So I've spent more time online than usual, looking for good discussions, reviews and recommendations. Hope, eternal it springs.

  2. Lots of work here. Wild times, wild times...

  3. Glad to hear you're still planet-bound! :)

  4. I hope April is less messy for you!

    March was quite hectic for me.. in a few really fabulous ways (like a trip to Iceland!) and in a few stressful ways.. like working on settling my late father-in-law's estate. So overwhelming! My daughter's girl scout troop, of which I am one of the leaders, is also earning their Silver Award this year and in fact the project big day is this Saturday. It's been very time consuming for me. I recently learned about other troops being in such close contact with the girl scout council regarding their project and we haven't been! Now I'm nervous that their award applications won't meet approval and the girls would have done all the work already!

  5. I'm looking forward to it being done and approved. I want to work in my garden! I'm going to start a new vegetable bed from scratch, so I have a lot of work to do. Now if it would just warm up to a proper spring..

    How was your growing season? Are you still harvesting anything?

  6. I haven't been online very much either, other than posting a few reviews now and than. But I managed to slowly surface from a depression and I'm really glad for that. It's my new motto to not stress about not being online enough anymore. ;D
    Take it easy! X

  7. @azteclady - *hugs* I'm re-reading ATM too. A comfort read. Probably the comfort read. Fingers crossed you find a good 'new' read soon!

    @Chris - here's hoping it slows down a little soon and you can take a break!

    @Tasha - thank you! I am...mostly *grin*

  8. @Christine - settling estates is tricky *hugs* And all the best for the award and starting the new vegetable bed! I've got a few chillies and cherry tomatoes left, but I think I'll pull them out next weekend. Autumn has arrived!

    @Janna - I'm so sorry to hear you've been depressed *hugs* I stress about being not online enough...and then I think about all the blogs I have to catch up on and I can't face starting. I just feel so anxious if I don't visit everyone every day. I've got to keep working on my anxiety :) Take care! (((Janna)))