25 September 2013

The America's Cup

You can be forgiven for not knowing what the America's Cup is. I think it only matters to New Zealanders (and that's a generalization) and sailors (another generalization). The America's Cup (also known as the 'Auld Mug') is the oldest international sporting trophy. (And it's a beauty!) It was originally awarded in 1851 (by the Royal Yacht Squadron) to the schooner America for winning a race around the Isle of Wight (UK). The trophy was renamed the America's Cup in honour of the schooner and has been contested ever since. Tomorrow is the final race in the America's Cup regatta...between Emirates Team New Zealand and Oracle Team USA. Winner takes all. If you think sailing is boring, you've never seen 22 metre (~72 feet) catamarans race. It's exhilarating. It's also soul destroying when your team has been on match point for several days and hasn't been able to win the one race it needs too. (And I won't talk about the three races that were abandoned while we were leading because I'm not bitter...[I'm fooling no one.]) Regardless of who wins tomorrow, both teams have shown incredible fortitude.

It's also American football season. I kind of started watching American college football last year. I understand it more now, but I still find it a rather unusual game. (I'm used to games based on tactics, rather than strategy.) And I'm still trying to work out if anyone can actually be sent off. (Red carded as they say in rugby.)

So, do you watch sport and, if so, what the weirdest sport you've ever watched? (Olympic sports [as in sports you watch only while the Olympics are on] don't count as there are some sports I only watch at the Olympics :)


  1. This is so interesting--I never thought to ask why it's called the America's Cup.

    It's been years since I've had a functioning tv around the place, so I can't say I watch anything current, and I've never been big on sports to begin with, so I can't comment any further...


    You know that winter sport somewhat similar to bowling, only it's not a ball but a...thing that looks like a teapot, and people skate around with...brooms? I wanna say it's brooms...sweeping the ice in front of it as it moves. And, if I got this right, the one that goes the farthest wins...

    Well, one afternoon a few years ago I caught a telecast of some sort of tournament of that, and spent at least a good half hour trying to figure out what the heck were those people doing, and how on earth can it be considered a sport (instead of, I don't know, a game of skill?). But then, I don't consider bowling or darts sports either, so...

  2. People can be sent off in football. I think. I honestly don't understand most of what's going on, I just drink beer. :p

    I think the most unusual sport I've watched is sumo wrestling. It was really fascinating! I wish they showed more of it on TV. I also love boxing, which some people find strange.