12 January 2014

The 2014 Big Book Challenge

Tis the season for Book Challenges! And since it's the season I thought I would...play *grin* So, I hereby bring you: The Big Book Challenge (yes, again). And when I say big I mean really big, because in this challenge, size really does matter. You see, even after reading a number of 'big' books last year, I still panic when I see them... They are so big I'm afraid they will eat my alive! *hides under bed* So, this challenge it to help me tackle those big books that scare me.

The challenge rules are simple:

1) Read a big book, and by a big book I mean a book with more than 400 pages, before the end of 2014.

2) The book can be in any format as long as its length is equivalent to more than 400 pages in print (hardback, trade paperback or mass market paperback) format.

3) The big book can be from any fiction genre (e.g. fantasy, romance, science fiction). It can even be non-fiction.

4) A review is not required (although I'm going to attempt a post detailing my thoughts on the book, or the reasons why I didn't finish it *grin*).

5) No penalties if the book isn't read by the end of 2014 (because this is meant to be fun and I'm sure we'll put enough pressure on ourselves without this challenge being the last straw).

6) The book can be changed at any time! (Flexibility is important IMHO :)

7) You can join at any time throughout the year!

Please sign-up below (FYI - Link Title means your username) and let me know in the comments what big book you have been avoiding! For me, it's a re-read: Sarah Monette's Corambis! (And for those observant among you, yes, this was my 2012 and my 2013 Big Book Challenge book...which I never got too! But I am going to read it!)

This challenge was inspired by the lovely Heidenkind from Truth, Beauty, Freedom & Books and a discussion I had at some point....somewhere ...back in 2009.


  1. Aw, I didn't realize I inspired this challenge! Glad it's been so successful and it's still going. :)

  2. Haven't yet decided on book, but will definitely be participating :)

  3. I'm in. I'll probably read a handful of books over 500 pages, but am pledging to read Anna Karenina this year. Not promising.. just pledging.

    1. YAH! Thank you for entering :) And pledging is exactly what this challenge is all about :)