08 February 2014

When To Read

So I've had a book on my Currently Reading shelf at GoodReads that I have yet to start. Instead, I've been re-reading scenes from various books...a 'whatever takes my fancy' kind of thing. It's not that I don't want to read the book. I do. I think part of the problem is that I consider the author a close friend and I don't want to not like it. Do I think I will not like it? No. My friend is an incredible writer and all of her work that I have read to date I have more than enjoyed. But the thought that this could be the exception has me...not struck dumb so much as struck readerless (or should that be rudderless? *grin*) Plus, I know it's a book with some angst, and I'm kind of wound up ATM (part of the reason while I have been AWOL for the past week)...and I think that is holding me back... And when I'm all anxious I turn to comfort reads, but I have so many books in my unread pile and listed on my To Be Read shelf (which are kind of mutually exclusive) that I feel guilty...

And all of the above has left me stuck re-reading all and sundry...until today when I remembered the words of a very wise close friend, the very lovely rocalisa at Too Many Books, to read what I felt like reading, and to not feel guilty if I chose to not read something and/or finish something. So, I'm going to move the aforementioned book from my Currently Reading Shelf to my To Be Read Shelf and read my comfort read.

So, are there ever times when you plan to read something, but just end up reading something else...

01 February 2014

Irregulars Anthology

So earlier today I finished the Irregulars anthology. Overall I gave it four and a half stars, which is broken down as follows:

Cherries Worth Getting (Nicole Kimberling): I loved the world building and I thought the plot was beyond fascinating. I did feel the writing was more tell than show though and sometimes felt a bit...stilted? Clunky? In places. However, I would definitely like another story (longer) with the two main characters! Four and a half stars.

Green Glass Beads (Josh Lanyon): This novella had the author's typical flow. I wasn't sure how I felt about Archer (the main character whose POV we saw), but every time I was edging towards disliking him the author would tip me the other way with some personal insight that fleshed out his character and explained more about why he was the way he was. We knew less about Rake (the other main character), but that didn't worry me. Overall I thought the author balanced character development and plot well with a limited word count. Four and a half stars.

No Life But This (Astrid Amara): This was mind-blowing! The world-building was incredible - in at times a totally squick way - and I loved the character development, although we had far more about Deven...but he was so interesting. So many layers I wanted to peel off! And I'm with August: the Aztaw are SCARY! (Yes the capitals are necessary!) Seriously, why does this anthology not have a sequel??? Five stars.

Things Unseen and Deadly (Ginn Hale): I must confess that this was my least favourite of the novellas that made up the anthology. I'm a big fan of character development, and while the POV alternated between Jason and Henry I never felt like I had a handle on them, although at times the loneliness of both characters came through. I also found the plot dragged a little. Normally I love the beautiful descriptions Ginn Hale includes - if you haven't read The Rifter rectify that right now! - but in this book I just wanted the plot to move. (I'm probably the only one that felt this way.) Four stars.