04 March 2014

Where's Wally?

For those of you not in the know, the Where's Wally? books are detailed double-page spread illustrations depicting dozens of people doing a variety of things at a given location. The challenge is to find a character named Wally hidden in the group. I was always terrible at finding Wally. And sometimes I wonder if I don't have the same problem with time...

So...it's been almost a  month since my last confession post :) And I must confess that I've drawn up a rough schedule...no laughing...for every day of the week for the unnamed expert and I to go through because I feel like a headless chicken most days and yet nothing seems to get done... And that makes me stressed. Bottom line is, I like boundaries. Actually 'like' seems to subtle a word. I love boundaries. I need boundaries. For...everything. I feel...safe...with boundaries. And that one word, safe, seems to be the linchpin for me. Everything I do (sub)consciously comes down to being safe. I don't think I'll ever not need boundaries, but maybe if I work hard enough I will feel safe and maybe, eventually, a little more able...a little more secure...to go beyond them. Every once in a while :)

No, no question at the end of my post. This time *grin* Just a promise to try and post more this month. I do actually have some posts in mind...I just seem to get overwhelmed with the process, which is ridiculous. Now I'm going blog hopping :)


  1. Oh, funny, our version of those books is "Where's Waldo?" :)

    I completely understand the getting overwhelmed by the process business! I'm not out hustling for contests to that there aren't any contest-free days anymore - that was just too stressful.

    1. I love how book titles can change depending on where a book is published :)

      *nods* Yes, the more stress that is added the less fun it becomes.

  2. Oh man, do I feel you!

    If it helps, we all here understand how things can get--or at least feel like they are--out of control. Post when you feel like it, comment if and when, we are here.

    Good to see you *hug* and good luck.

    1. Thank you azteclady. IDK. I just wish it was easier to post more...as it the process didn't stress me out. As the unnamed expert suggested last week, one thing at a time :)